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Rien Poortvliet was just the best dutch wildlife artist ever. Rien Poortvliet not only painted childrens stories. He loved drawing and painting about ordinary life, hunting and nature. Rien Poortvliet made these paintings accessible to millions of people by selling books with these paintings. 

Rien poortvliet and bird 3Rien Poortvliet considered himself a drawing storyteller. Poortvliet’s entire oeuvre can be called at the very least: from farm life and hunting, to the workings of the gnome. He captured everything in his realistic drawings and paintings expressing his love for nature. He has become known to the general public with books like: "He was one of us", "In my grandfather’s house", "Dogs", "Horses" and of course "Gnomes" and "Secrets of the Gnomes". All of his books have been well-received and gave him national and international fame.


The origin of gnomes

Once upon a time in 1976 a delightful book was published in the Netherlands. It was titled "Leven en werken van de Kabouter". Luckily for us, the Abrams publishing company found this book and translated it to the english version, titled "Gnomes". The author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet provide us with "everything you always wanted to know about gnome life", from what they eat to what their houses look like, what they do, and how they dress.

Rien poortvliet gnomesThe book makes it clear that, while gnomes are very real, they don't show themselves to just anyone. And they really want us humans to take good care of the plants and animals in our care. The descriptions are so well written and so detailed that you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself absently staring at your own garden trying to capture a glimpse of the Gnomes yourself!


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David the gnome sitYou! Respect the planet we share.

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Have you ever found a book online about your favorite subject, but didn’t buy it right then because you weren’t sure what was inside? Look inside and browse the Rien Poortvliet books before you decide to buy it. The content is secure, you can neither download it nor read all of the pages online.

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David the Gnome was based on the world famous children's books "The Gnomes" by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet . After the success of the initial series, the same producers created a spin-off called  Wisdom of the Gnomes. In this series, the protagonist is a gnome called Klaus, a judge who travels with his assistant Dani to solve disputes. Other sequels, both in serial and movie form, were : The Gnomes' Great Adventure, The Gnomes in the Snow. The series was also preceded by the popular television movie, Gnomes in 1980, which was based on the same series of books.

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The World of David the Gnome - Episode 01 - Good Medicine

David the gnome sitRien Poortvliet gives awesome inspiration.

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Meu nome é Karla, sou brasileira tenho 45 anos e há 25 anos sou totalmente apaixonada pelo seu trabalho com os Gnomos.
Fui produtora de TV por muitos anos aqui, e no início da minha carreira e fizemos um programa de tv chegando a sortear seu belíissimo Livro de Gnomos."...



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I am new in this wonderfull univers of the Classic gnomes.. Aldo I grew up with the wonderfull cartoon of David and Lisa:O)
I would love to know if there exist a list / an overwiev of the figures in the "Classic gnomes by Egbert" and "classig gnomes Villages"series?"...





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